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Travel is life, and life is a journey. At least that’s how I feel. I am also guilty of overthinking. In those times of our life when we aren’t able to travel physically, it looks like our mind compensates by traveling in another dimension.

Are you bored? Wait ! There’s some point I want to make as you reach the bottom of this article. So keep reading if you can.

This website is my mental gym. We can only be happy when we follow our dreams. For me it’s traveling, having healthy relationships, peace of mind and ability to help others.

I love writing about my travel experience, life, happiness and things we could do better to become better human beings. So these are the types of contents you will find in this blog.

I started writing professionally for Himalayan Glacier Treks & Expeditions Pvt Ltd around 2015. It was after this point that I realized that my interest could also be a side source of my living. So, over the past 5 years, I have been managing contents for highly competitive profit and non-profit organizations. Recently, I manage wordpress based websites, social media and content for Hiking Adventure Treks and Master Himalaya Tours in Thamel, Kathmandu.

I am recently focused on helping organization in internet marketing as a Search Engine Optimizer Professsional and Digital Marketer. With the knowledge and skills I’ve learned over the past few years, I started a business idea around the start of 2019, and I’m currently working on the development of a website to cater the Digital Marketing needs of enterpreneurs. It’s called SEO Sansar and provides wide range of digital marketing services, mostly based on contents and website optimization.

I have traveled to Nepal, India and Cyprus for various projects, and mostly with work. And I look forward to see more of the world before I’m old and unable to move.

I am a licensed trekking leader for Nepali mountains (although I don’t guide tours most often). I took this training to be able to travel when I want to while making some earning out of it. I interpret “traveling for work” as an opportunity.

A 3-day trek to Mardi Himal in Annapurna Region, and Pokhara.

A team based small sized project we did years ago to promote a local tea-house cluster deep in the remote region of Lalitpur region.

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Deepesh Dhakal

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